Tell Me More About Fiber

What is Fiber Internet?

It's high-speed Internet where the service travels through a fiber optic cable.

Why would I Choose fiber over wireless Internet service?

Reliability – Internet over fiber optic cable is more reliable than any other type of delivery. That’s because the service runs through a fiber optic cable rather than through the air like wireless. So your service won’t be affected by atmospheric conditions or other carrier frequencies. You also won’t have to worry about signals being blocked by trees or buildings.

Speed and Capacity – Fiber optic cables have the necessary bandwidth to deliver large amounts of data at one time from the Internet to multiple devices. Data is transmitted at significantly higher speeds – up to 1 Gbps., which is up to 125 times faster than some wireless plans. Uploading and downloading speeds are symmetrical which means you can upload items as fast as you can download. Data is unlimited so you’ll only pay one flat fee each month.

Security – Internet service via fiber optic is as safe as any other secured delivery service. Like any Internet service, you need to install a fire wall and antivirus protection program, and keep it up to date.

What is the activation process?

The activation process varies depending on your location. Since we are continually expanding our fiber network, call us to find out if fiber is available to you. 800.699.4832

What equipment will I need?

You only need a computer or mobile device that is Internet capable. also offers a router that you can rent for an additional $3 or $6 monthly rental fee to connect multiple computers to bring this ultra-fast connection to your home.

What can I do with the different speeds? 

Just about anything you want – faster and better: Internet gaming, stream video and music, download movies, upload pictures, pay bills and more. 

Will several members of my family be able to connect wirelessly to the Internet at the same time? 

Yes. To create a Wi-Fi environment in your home, you can use your own high performance router or rent one from us. 

Can this service be charged on the same bill as my GVEC electric service? 

We hope this will be available by early 2014. 

Do I have to make a commitment? 

Yes, for one year – like our wireless plans

If I am a current customer, what happens if I switch to fiber? 

We will waive the early termination fee for switching to a fiber plan. You will begin a new one-year commitment and pay the $99 activation fee.  

When will fiber service be available in my neighborhood? 

Our fiber network is continuing to grow. Call us to see if fiber is available to you. 800.699.4832 

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